How To Take Your Visitor From Prospect To Client Quickly

sales funnelSetting up your auto-responder series is just the first step in creating your Marketing Funnels. The idea is to take your visitors to your blog or another website from where they are the day they find to closer to where they will see you as the person who can help them to achieve their goals. The way we do this is to set up a marketing and sales funnel to connect and build relationships with our visitors.

An attractive site does not mean one that is expensive to set up by a professional web designer. It only means that you have taken the time to set up a Word Press site that is easy to navigate, has a picture of you, and clearly states who you are and what you do. All of this needs to be above the fold, meaning that it can be easily read before the reader has to scroll further down on the page.

The catchy headline can be your tag line, a blog post title, or a traditional headline on an opt-in page. The idea with this is to help the visitor picture themselves with what you are talking about in your copy.

If your visitor can picture themselves and their family in the water in Hawaii, they have just become a prospect. The next step is to offer them a free giveaway that is congruent with what you want to achieve with your site. In the above example, you may wish to provide a report or checklist containing the steps you need to take to plan a family scuba diving vacation for maximum fun and minimal cost.

This could be just a few pages in length, and would contain all kinds of helpful information and tips on how to do this. At the end of your checklist or report include a call to action to encourage your prospect to take the next step in your marketing funnel. Your goal is to take them from visitor to prospect to the client as quickly as possible.

For real estate agents there is a unique done for you follow up system.  You can find it at They have developed stay in touch automated email farming service. What it does is make sure potential clients think of you when they are ready to buy.

Regardless of your profession it is important that you do get some type of marketing funnel in place. You have to guide prospects into your system and position yourself as the expert. Once that status is in your customers mind they will trust you to guide them.